Grants and Donations

The policy of the Council in relation to the making of grants and donations is as follows:-

Llandough Community Council has adopted the following policy: 

  1.  The maximum sum set aside each financial year for donations, is to be agreed upon annually at the full Council meeting in which the precept is set.
  2. All applications for donations must be made in writing and submitted to the Clerk. 
  3. All donation applications must be decided by a full council meeting.
  4. Llandough Community Council must satisfy itself that the donation will benefit the area and a significant number of residents. Ideally there should be clear evidence of local need or demand for the proposed activity.
  5. Each application must be accompanied by supporting documents:

    • Summary of the applicant’s accounts for the last financial year
    • Details of the applicant’s organisation, committee and meeting structure, appointed officers, etc. Councillors must feel confident that appropriate management mechanisms and financial controls are in place within the applicant’s organisation
    • Other funding sources applied for in relation to the donation concerned

  6. If the donation requests received exceed the donation monies available in a financial year, then councillors will target donations which benefit as many people as possible within the community.


Donations Conditions


  1.  Donations will not normally be awarded to individuals. 
  2. Donations will not be made retrospectively.
  3. Donations will not be awarded to fund activities of a political nature, nor activities considered to be the responsibility of the principal authority.
  4. Donations will not be awarded to organisations that make, or attempt to make, profit for the benefit of members or owners over and above revenue expenditure, e.g. running costs, staff costs, premises maintenance and general overheads.
  5. Organisations applying for a donation should be properly constituted, with appointed officers.
  6. Donations will be awarded on the assumption that other sources of income have been sought.
    Any donation application received after setting of the precept for the year may not be considered.

  7. Donations will only be considered accompanied by sufficient and appropriate documentation which may require inclusion of financial records. If there is insufficient documentary evidence the application will not be considered.
  8. If the organisation / body is unable to use the donation for the stated purpose, monies must be returned to Llandough Community Council.
  9. The donation must be used for the purpose for which the application was made.
  10. All donations are awarded at the Community Council’s discretion. Llandough Community Council’s decision is final and there is no right of appeal.