The Council manages a 67-plot allotment site located in Corbett Road. It offers the opportunity for people to grow fresh and healthy produce, meet new friends and get that all important exercise. The annual cost of a regular sized plot is about £38 which represents good value for what can be achieved. Although there is usually a waiting list there are always vacancies occurring so it should not take too long to be offered a plot. If you are interested in having your name on the waiting list please contact Paul Egan, Clerk to the Council on 01446 409294 or e-mail him –

Allotment Tenancy Agreement 

Allotments Risk Assessment

 Amazing Biodiversity at our allotments

The Allotments Association is very keen to develop the bio-diversity of the allotments site.
To read about what has been achieved see the Biodiversity Leaflet and Biodiversity Site Map for details of bird, bee and bat boxes located on the site. The Annual Biodiversity report for 2020 is in two parts - the main report and the appendices. Here is the 2021 biodiversity report. A detailed listing of birds and insects at our allotments site together with some supporting photographs can be accessed from the following links:

 Listing, Fox, Bee and Foxglove, Slowworm/_UserFiles/Files/Services/Allotment Biodiversity Report 2021-compressed.pdf

 Bee Walks are also conducted at the site and records of  sightings are recorded. The walk schedule and sightings are given below:

 Bee Walk     Sightings Record

 Biodiversity Report 2023

 The Association has produced a guide to allotment gardening which is provided to all new tenants.

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